“I can’t say enough about how good Derek Speers is at what he does.  I had been battling with frozen shoulder due to a tear in the cartilage for months, in fact I spent four solid months, five days a week, four hours a day in physiotherapy to improve my range of motion.  It did nothing.  After four months, I was incredibly frustrated and felt it may never improve.  That’s when a friend recommended I see Derek.    It wasn’t until that first visit with him that I saw any improvement.  Within two visits, he had me from 50% range to 90%.  I was completely amazed at what he was able to do in just a few visits!  By the third visit, he had me back to normal.  Seriously, I would recommend him to anyone, in fact I do often recommend him to friends and family that are experiencing issues withchronic muscle or joint problems.  He’s young but he knows his stuff and has helped not just me, but my husband as well.  He was at a point that he needed to lean on me to walk, his knee was so painful.  He had ONE visit to Derek.  Within a few days of that visit, he was back to normal.  Very important when you’re self employed and the sole source of income for a family of five.  Thank you Derek, you’re the best!”

Stacey Smith,
Port Alberni

“In the five years I have had the privilege of Derek’s treatments I have very much been impressed by the work that is employed to help myself and others gain strength and energy back again. He lessened my pain in almost every single treatment and helped my sleeping patterns as having no pain has given me my sleep back. Dereks treatments are always long lasting unlike chiropractic and massage which seems to only have short term benefit.”

Marnie Roberts,

I had a hip that for 20 years gave me pain and even caused me to limp and when I would go to the Chiropractor it would stay temporarily in place from the adjustment but when I met up with Derek’s procedure, after several visits of slowly allowing the muscles to relax and with some tissue release it managed to loosen some of the “frozen” muscles so the joint could go back to its normal position. It took time and patience but I can honestly say I am now pain free. I have also recommended some of my friends to him and they all have been very satisfied with the results.

Eunice Clarke,