Dynamic Healing Solutions strongly recommends boosting your intracellular glutathione levels with a special compound called Riboceine. Glutathione is a substance inside every cell of your body and performs many tasks but most importantly its your bodies master antioxidant, master detoxifier and keeps cellular inflammation down. Unfortunately, as we age and suffer injuries are glutathione levels depreciate.  Glutathione is very critical to improving your health, in fact, every disease of aging has a connection to low glutathione levels. There are over 120,000 articles on glutathione at pubmed.com. In comparison vitamin C has 55,000. DHS encourages everyone to google glutathione and whatever health issue they may have because taking Riboceine may be a critical step in giving you your health back.

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The two products DHS recommends the most is Cellgevity (capsule) and MaxATP (powder).

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The other option is taking the riboceine formula as a weight management system. Achieving a proper weight can play a major roll in decreases a persons chronic pain. Max Meta Switch increases your metabolism without increasing your heart rate, greatly improves digestion and removes toxins from the body

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