Dynamic Circulation is new and novel way to boost microcirculation in your body. Increased circulation is a major key in recovering your wellness and recovering from injury.  A circulation treatment is a critical component to every Dynamic Healing Solutions appointment.

Dynamic Circulation from Young Again author John Thomas.

(More information from John Thomas can found at youngagainclub.com)

Dynamic Circulation Therapy™

Dynamic Circulation Therapy* (DCT) makes more energy available so your body can heal itself!

Dynamic Circulation Therapy is a Terrain Management concept that offers a new and novel way to boost circulation of blood, oxygen and cellular waste.

Terrain management is a CORE concept of the Young Again Club and the book, Young Again! Manage your “terrain” and you need not be concerned about your medical future.  Your terrain controls body response, not vise versa.

Dynamic Circulation Therapy allows you to use your own blood and lymph fluids to rejuvenate your body.  Click here for a list of applications where Dynamic Circulation Therapy could result in an improved sense of overall well-being.

Athletes, Circulation & Arabian Horses

Restricted circulation is the perfect recipe for suffering and premature old age, and eventually a conjured diagnosis from the doctor that includes the words: disease, syndrome or disorder.

No matter your symptoms or how your diagnosis is spelled, restricted circulation is central to all inflammation, suffering and premature aging.

20 year old athletes suffer little and recover more quickly than “older” people because they have the ability to circulate massive amounts of blood, oxygen and waste THROUGHOUT their tissues.

Athletes are the Arabian horses of humans.  Arabians are known for their phenomenal endurance and ability to regenerate. They are unlike other breeds because they circulate more red blood cells which that allows them to transport more oxygen to their tissues and organs.

In humans, we are concerned about the tissues and organs that STARVE for oxygen; meaning, the  blood that cannot and does not circulate because the capillaries are RESTRICTED.

Capillary circulation is restricted because of INFLAMMATION!  So if you have pain, your tissues are inflamed and your circulation is restricted.

Healing and rejuvenation occurs when circulation and oxygen levels are like that of the 20 year old athlete.  Healing and rejuvenation are IMPOSSIBLE without blood and oxygen and anything is POSSIBLE with them.

Think About This

By age 40, the average person is pumping oxygen poor blood at only 20% of that of the athlete.  By age 60, the number can drop to 15% and beyond.  Suffering and old age are the symptoms.

Think what you would look and feel like if you could circulate a hundred to a thousand times the amount of blood and oxygen that you presently do?

The correct definition of “old” is:  the inability to regenerate! Raise your oxygen levels and boost blood flow and the body automatically regenerates!

Create a healthy future for yourself with DCT.  Never accept the doctor’s diagnosis; or the prognosis that came with it!  Ignore the rear view mirror.  Instead, focus where you want to go and provide your body the means to get there.  The balance is easy.

Vibrant health and endless energy are the territory of the young because they circulate more blood and oxygen and store less waste.

Results Count

Health issues respond favorably when Dynamic Circulation Therapy is performed for 8-20 minutes daily in the privacy of your own home.  [You will discover a list of applications by “clicking” on the link at the beginning of this discussion.]

Do you identify with any of the conditions listed?  Once upon a time, you did not have any of these “conditions”.  How did this happen?  What changed?

Your TERRAIN changed and impaired circulation of blood, oxygen and waste is at the CORE of your health issues.  Meaning, your circulation is severely RESTRICTED.

Restore your terrain and your body restores itself.  There is no magic here; just “circulation!”

The body has the ability to regenerate; it is an automatic a built-in feature.  To experience your own miracle, simply GET OUT OF THE WAY and let your body heal itself.

Body Response and Guarantee

Body response to Dynamic Circulation Therapy comes quickly.  After just a few sessions, people know something “good” is going on.

Good” come in many forms, such as:  More energy, sharper mind, less aches and pains, better sleep, improved memory; and hundreds of other improvements, like:  reduction of cravings and the need to constantly eat; loss of excess weight, improved bowel activity, disappearance of gas and bloating, better results from less food supplements, etc.

Dynamic Circulation Therapy does not fix or cure anything; rather, it harnesses the power of your own blood and oxygen to return your body to normal and happy in the privacy of your own home.

Difficult situations may require up to 60 days before big changes are experienced.  Regardless, improvements are cumulative and welcomed!

Question?  Does Dynamic Circulation Therapy come with a guarantee?  Yes, it comes with a 100% guarantee, and it goes like this:  “Keep doing the same things that you have been doing and choose to not embrace this wonderful therapy and you will end up just like everyone else; sick, tired and old.”

Please do not blame your DNA and genes; they are a poor excuse.  They automatically self-correct when balance is restored to the system.  Illness and so-called dis-ease are terrain issues.

In the medical arena, DNA and genes function as a convenient cover-up to placate the patient; meaning, “Accept your situation, patientWhat you have is RARE!  There is nothing you can do about it.”    Baloney!

Your genes and your DNA are TERRAIN issues; nothing more.

Important Details About Body Physiology

Circulation of your body fluids is THE most critical element of good health and water plays a huge part in the circulation story.

Water is the body’s primary “solvent.”  Water is the basis of our fluid transport system.  Water is the transport medium for our electrolytes.

Electrolytes are dissolved elements that conduct “electricity” (Think: nerve signals!) in solution.  Electrolytes assist red blood “corpuscles” flow freely and deliver more oxygen.  That is why activated sea mineral electrolytes are used with Dynamic Circulation Therapy.

Oxygen “oxidizes” free radicals.  Oxygen kills pathogenic viruses and bacteria and makes it impossible for parasites to live in your body and steal your energy and vitality.

The mitochondria in your cells need oxygen to make your energy molecule, ATP.  Increase  circulating oxygen levels and you automatically increase your body’s production of ATP.

Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells.  Blood is 90% water and if you do not drink water steadily throughout the day, blood fluid volume levels can drop to as little as 50%.

You cannot “circulate” oxygen and nutrients when you are under hydrated and your electrolyte levels are inadequate.

The lymphatic system is responsible for transporting waste, not blood.  It is a mirror image of the blood circulatory system, minus the heart.  Instead, it has  tens of thousands of lymph nodes.

“Micro circulation” refers to movement of body fluids in the very fine capillaries servicing the organs, cells and tissues.  Rouleau is the effect, not the cause of micro circulation issues.

Congestion of blood capillary intersections is called, “Rouleau”.  Rouleau occurs when hydration levels and electrolytes are low and waste levels are high.

Rouleau is confirmation of electrical chaos in the blood circulatory system.  Chaos is caused by the (+ -) electrical “charge” on the blood corpuscles and capillary walls is chaotic.  [You can see a picture of Rouleau on page 136 of the 6th edition ofYoung Again!  And you can learn more about electrolytes in Chapter 28, Soil to Sea.]

For your information, “corpuscles” are red blood cells without a nucleus.  Corpuscles exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide at the cellular level; the lungs is where carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen so the cycle can begin again, over and over.

How Dynamic Circulation Therapy™ Works

Dynamic Circulation Therapy partially relies on patented electrical signals to enhance blood and lymphatic circulation.  In addition, activated sea mineral ions are used for their electrolytic properties; meaning, to boost blood circulation, oxygen delivery and waste removal.

Another aspect of DCT Therapy involves the restoration of the intestinal wall.  Settling of the gut wall settles the misery associated with “autoimmune” issues. Normalization of muscle, tendon and ligament integrity is yet another aspect of this therapy.  Systemic, low-grade inflammation is an AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSE.

When the electrical “charge” on the red blood corpuscles and capillary walls is incorrect,  circulation slows, oxygen levels drop and waste accumulates.

Dynamic Circulation Therapy has a positive effect on systemic inflammation and addresses things like hypertension (circulatory inflammation), joint pain and mobility.  Inflammation and pain are side effects of restricted circulation.

Scar tissue also plays a part in the inflammation story.  Scar tissue is nonfunctional tissue that formed in the wake of surgical trauma, injury and/or waste accumulation.

Scar tissue is the PRODUCT of poor circulation and systemic, low-grade inflammation.  It is “structural” in nature as opposed to being in a “soluble” state.  Good circulation of blood is one requirement for scar tissue to be dissolved.  The second factor is to supply the body with products designed to “eat” (break down) the scar tissue into waste that it CIRCULATE out of the body.

Digestion” of scar tissue and plaque is accomplished using various Young Again Club protocols and specialized products.  Ask for guidance.

If you suffer from inflammation, your circulation is “impaired”.

The Process

Dynamic Circulation Therapy is performed laying on a bed (or the floor), sitting in a chair or driving in your car.  Your age is irrelevant and unlike medications, Dynamic Circulation Therapy has no ugly side effects.

Specific applications of Dynamic Circulation Therapy are discussed on an individual basis according to each individual’s situation.  Please ask for guidance.


People have the mistaken idea that the medical system can fix their problems.  Sorry, but the system cannot deliver on the nice TV ads and smiley pictures.  Medications delude the gullible.

Emergency room medicine is wonderful because there are few options when trauma strikes.  But from a preventative perspective, modern medicine is a failure.

If you don’t believe me, take a look around and note what is going on with yourself, your family and your friends.  They call it: after-the-fact medicine with dangerous drugs to the rescue.

What can be said about medications and procedures that do more harm than good?  Have you ever heard a more ridiculous suggestion than:  “Ask your doctor if it’s right for you?”

Trading one set of symptoms for another makes no sense.  You can avoid 99% of diseases, syndromes and disorders by boosting your circulation of blood, oxygen  and waste.

Medications are the responsibility of your doctor, and with your doctor’s blessing and guidance, you may be able to reduce or eliminate your dependency on them according to your test results.

When test results confirm the benefits of DCT, your doctor will have little choice but to reduce or eliminate your medications and the financial burden they impose.

Dynamic Circulation Therapy is NOT magic.  Rather, it boosts circulation of body fluids (blood and lymph) so the body can repair and restore itself.  Good health is the side effect!

Dynamic Circulation Therapy works; it is real!